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My instructional DVDs are now available as a digital download! You will receive a link to the DVD content. You can choose to download them to your computer or simply watch them via video streaming. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN ACTUAL DVD IN THE MAIL. Digital downloads are NOT closed captioned.



This DVD teaches how to use shading with pyrography. In the Classroom section, you’ll learn the basics of shading, different techniques and learn about using a shading scale.

The Workshop section shows step-by-step how to create four different subjects, including rocks, clouds, water droplets and water reflections.



- Temperature Control

- Burn dark to light,

   or light to dark.

- Train Your Eyes

and more..



- Shading Scale

- Shading Tight Areas

- Shading Larger Areas

- Burn a Gradient

- Texture and Shading

and more...


Running time is approximately 106 minutes



DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Pyrography Shading DVD

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