Minisa Robinson

pyrographic fine artist

Minisa Pyrography is proud to present the Beginning Basics DVD Series!

Pyrography Beginning Basics- Volume 1       


$19.95 $15.96 plus shipping and handling

Running Time: Approximately 53 minutes

Release date: May 25th, 2016

This DVD helps the beginner or novice to get started in pyrography. There are also tips and ideas for the intermediate artist in this hour-long DVD.

Included in this volume:

• Woodburning safety

• Basic overview of supplies

• Types of wood

• Preparing the wood

• Transferring an image onto the wood

• Beginning tips

• Temperature control

• Modifying points

• Applying the finish

• And more!

Techniques Include:

• Burning a straight, even line

• The dos and don'ts of outlining

Pyrography Beginning Basics- Volume 2


$34.95  $27.96 plus shipping and handling

(Shipping to United States: $5   •   International: $8)

Running Time: Approximately 110 minutes

Release date: November 10, 2016

This DVD will discuss more in-depth topics for the beginning or intermediate woodburning artist.

Included in this volume:

• In-depth overview of tools and supplies

• Using different points

• Working from a photograph

• How to add color to a woodburning

• How to fix mistakes

• And more!

Techniques Include:

• Burning Text

• Burning black backgrounds

Click to download the "Different Points Chart" from the DVD.

Coming Soon: Specialty Skills DVD Series

The Specialty Skills DVD Series will offer in-depth instruction for woodburning artists of all skill levels.

Upcoming DVDs include:

• Shading: Estimated release May 2017

• Fur, Hair and Whiskers: Estimated release November 2017

• Portraits and People: Estimated release May 2018